Hello Alva Computers Customers,

My name is Billy Wood I am proud to announce the acquisition of Alva Computers/Eclipse Solutions Hosting and Domains Business  as of January, 04, 2022 by SPRHost Network.

I don’t believe Mr. Miles has had a chance (because this was a 3 day decision) to informed anyone at this point of Alva Computers Hosting and Domains Business new ownership, so Mr. Miles ask me to do it for him. I would like to take this opportunity to make sure everyone is up to date. SPRHost Network is assuming responsibility for the continued hosting of your Websites and Domain account(s) on one of the SPRHost Network servers.

My intention is not to overwhelm you with unnecessary information, but rather to ensure each of you feel comfortable working with the new management. For your convenience I have compiled a list of ways in which you may get a hold of us quickly. We strive to respond to all inquiries within a maximum 2-4 hours of their submission, depending on the quantity of email we receive in a given day. More often than not we are able to respond within the hour.

If you need help please (DO NOT) contact Alva Computers or Eclipse Solutions they will not be able to help you. Contact SPRHost Network below.

SPRHost Network

Sales department: sales@sprhost.com

Technical support: support@sprhost.com

Accounts team: accounts@sprhost.com

Phone #: 1-575-208-0987 or 1-575-624-1681

We strongly encourage clients to make use of our Member Support Center at www.sprhost.com, available under the Support section. The support center is composed of several cPanel video tutorial and a help ticket system.

I expect some of you will have questions or concerns after reading this message, which is completely understandable. We welcome you to either reply to this message or use one of the contact methods above. SPRHost Network a division of Amcom Service Network.

Who is Amcom Service Network?

Amcom Service Network, founded in May 2003, is a web hosting company based in Roswell, New Mexico, USA. SPRHost Network offers a complete suite of professional services, including website hosting, domain name registration, website design and development. Amcom Service Network is a privately owned company and has no outstanding debts or liabilities.

SPRHost Network team is composed of highly-qualified and devoted professionals, with diverse backgrounds, creating a powerful mix of high-quality web hosting and design specialists dedicated to providing our customers with one of the best products in the web hosting industry. However, we realize that having a team of highly-qualified and devoted professionals, who have created this incredible and unique hosting solution, is not enough. This is only one half of our job. The other half is taking care of our customers and their support requests.

Our main goal is to offer the best possible services and excellent customer support simultaneously.

Thank you for taking time to read this information. We look forward to working with you to provide the most powerful, cost effective, hosting solutions on the market.


Billy A Wood
Owner/CEO, SPRHost Network.